How Canada’s dealing with its own home affordability crisis

The debt ‘crisis’ in Canada? If your paycheque is $100,000 plus, that means you Canadians’ relationship to debt has changed, with middle and upper tier earners awash in red ink.

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Canada has a serious middle-income housing affordability crisis. Canada’s house prices have grown nearly three times that of household income since 2000. This contrasts with the stability between growth in house prices and household income during the previous three decades.

Vancouver's Housing Affordability Crisis Gets the Documentary. – No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis. To live in this city is to be constantly confronted with the bizarre reality of a real estate industry gone completely berserk. To reside here is to be inundated with headlines, reports and town halls.

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Canada) to perform their monetary policy responsibilities. It is concluded that middle-income housing affordability in Canada is a profound social and economic crisis that warrants serious and concentrated public policy attention (Section 7).

The continuum of affordable housing in Canada includes market (affordable rental housing, affordable home ownership), non-market (affordable rental housing, affordable home ownership), government-subsidized housing (emergency shelters, transitional housing and social housing). Measuring affordability of housing is complicated by Canada’s vast physical and human geography which includes remote northern communities and affluent urban regions.

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